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Smooth your roadmap to marital bliss!

I am Dee Jaye Clark, and I want to help you readjust your approach to building a relationship. As your Singles Relationship Coach, I am here to help you be more perceptive about yourself, and what you desire in a life partner.

In working with me, I can provide you with guidance to become more confident in a safe and no judgment communication zone. You will get help in how to attract, meet, and move forward with the right person. We can do all of this and so much more by being grounded in my number one principle: “Do the relationship God’s way.”

I work with three categories of single men and women:

  • Those in a relationship but are having issues moving towards the altar
  • Those in an unfruitful relationship and need help exiting the drama and trauma
  • Those who are not in a relationship but desire to prepare for a healthier future

Email or call me at (818) 317-2460 for a complimentary session. Most appointments are via phone for national and international access to my services.

Tip of the Month

When you go to any function with a group of friends, try always to take a stroll by yourself. Stroll to the bathroom, concession stand, buffet table, beverage area, or display tables by yourself. This will give men an opportunity to make your acquaintenace.

-- Dee Jaye


“Dee Jaye navigates you through the hills and valleys of being in a relationship. She taught me how to use my internal compass to better pilot my relation-SHIP and ultimately, my life!”

Tamara A., Thousand Oaks, CA
A young man saw a woman, who walked into my office and said, “That’s the type of woman I could never get.” I told him, “Let me show you how.” Two years later they were engaged.
A client was so miserable in her relationship that she was breaking out in hives. After working with me, she is “ecstatically single” and soaring in all areas of her life.
I got a call from a referral stating, “I have just done the most stupid thing in my relationship and I know it is over.” They recently completed premarital counseling classes in preparation for marriage.