Success Stories

  • A young man saw a woman, who walked into my office and said, “That’s the type of woman I could never get.” I told him, “Let me show you how.” Two years later they were engaged.
  • I got a call from a referral stating, “I have just done the most stupid thing in my relationship and I know it is over.” They recently completed premarital counseling classes in preparation for marriage.
  • A client was so miserable in her relationship that she was breaking out in hives. After working with me, she is “ecstatically single” and soaring in all areas of her life.
  • Two years ago my husband and I introduced a couple who recently got married. In this case the introduction was the only piece that I assisted with – God took it from there.
  • So Tamara mailed a nasty letter ending the relationship. She called me regretting the decision. After working with me, she just married this wonderful man Summer of 2008.
  • A referral contacted me about trying to unsuccessfully end his relationship to “psycho chick.” After our 1st session he was given a “leave plan” assignment and the two are no longer entangled.
  • A client was consistently allowing himself to be taken advantage of by women. He has stopped that negative behavior, and is now married to a woman who believes in sharing for the fulfillment of their relationship.

Clients Say

  • “My extremely accomplished cousin in California recommended Dee Jaye to me. She had worked with Dee Jaye for many months and had tremendous growth in her focus in relationships and personal development that were seeded in the word of God.

    My history was that I was married for one year and have one grown child. I did not have time for a relationship. I found that I did not have the skills necessary in building a relationship or to trust a man. Therefore, any men I attracted or was attracted to was short lived and not the right person for me.

    I did not have a comfort zone. I believe being from a divorced family that I did not learn loving skills between spouses. Compassion and love were missing in my childhood.

    Through my work with Dee Jaye I was able to look at my feelings and identify that I had a lot of dependency in my emotions in a failed relationship. It was not that I was failing to be good enough to be loved but I was looking for a mate to make me feel whole.

    I am still in development but am making progress with Dee Jaye’s insights and ability to help me love and forgive myself.”

    - Vickie, Nashville, Tennessee

  • “Dee Jaye, I have changed my outlook and therefore changed my results!”

    - Brittany, Riverside, California

  • “It navigates you through the hills and valleys of being in a relationship. Dee Jaye taught me how to use my internal compass to better pilot my relation-SHIP and ultimately, my life!”

    – Tamara A., Thousand Oaks, California

  • “Being a guy, I was skeptical at first, but The Relationship Navigator has changed my entire way of viewing relationships. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to grow, gain a positive perspective, and fall in love.”

    – Brett, Compton, California

  • “I was in a long term relationship that was not making progress towards the altar. When I started working with Dee Jaye I was able to look not only at my boyfriend in a new light, but at my responsibility in the long term dance. I stopped looking for problems and blaming my partner, and now we’re in pre-marital classes with dramatically improved communications.”

    – Ressa, Washington, D.C.